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Like It's 2017... NOT 2007!

These major brands have already began to tap into the POWER of the Facebook messenger platform...


WHY? Because they realize that in today's online social world...



Are on Messenger & Over 80% of Those Users

These MAJOR brands realize that in today's digital age...people want information INSTANTLY!

They don't want to have to search through a website to find what they need and Facebook not only caught onto that...but they did something about it!

With Facebook messenger bots, businesses can give customers and prospective customers INSTANT information and deliver the products and services the customer is looking for IMMEDIATELY!

What would this kind of targeted and instantaneous marketing power would do for YOUR business?!

Who Can Benefit From Social Responder?


Complete Beginners

Build a highly engaged contact list from scratch and promote affiliate offers with no website and no product of your own!

Affiliate Marketers

Promoting multiple offers has NEVER been simpler! Build a list of highly engaged, targeted buyers for each affiliate offer you promote and CASH IN with the automated selling abilities of Social Responder!

Network Marketers/MLM

Whether your prospects are looking for information about your company, product or compensation plan...Social Responder is the PERFECT solution to deliver that information INSTANTLY while building a list of HIGHLY ENGAGED prospects & leads for ANY network marketing company!

Ecom Sellers

Drive more sales of your products by allowing customers the ability to receive more information about your product and even purchase right from the Facebook messenger!

Offline/Retail Businesses

Quickly & easily send coupons, discounts and other deals right through the Facebook messenger!


Instantly provide information about your multiple properties and even allow customers quick & easy access to home tours and more!

Automotive Dealerships

Instantly & automatically deliver information about any of your vehicles, collect leads, show case your inventory and much more!

Social Media Marketers

Invite followers to engage with your messenger bot through your social media posts and build a highly engaged list that you can quickly & easily follow up with and send updates regarding new posts & offers!


Showcase your work INSTANTLY right on Facebook and allow prospective clients to contact you RIGHT AWAY!

Mac and cover

The Potential Uses Of This Software Are

Literally Unlimited!

Email Marketing Is DYING!

Don't Let Your Business Die With It!

If your business is 100% reliant on email marketing to reach your customers and prospective buyers...your business WILL DIE!

It's time to bring your important messages & updates straight to your customers where they are already LOOKING and where they WANT to see them... FACEBOOK!

Facebook Messenger VS. Email Inbox

With Social Responder, ALL of your messages are delivered in REAL TIME to your contacts! Not only are they DELIVERED but they are READ within SECONDS of you sending them!

The second you send a message to your contacts with Social Responder, that contact is IMMEDIATELY notified they have a new message on their PHONE, their EMAIL & on FACEBOOK itself!

That Is Extremely Powerful!


NO Spam Filters!

NO Junk Folders!

NO Bounce Backs!

Over 98% of Your Contacts Will INSTANTLY
Receive & READ Your Messages On Facebook!

Instantly & Easily Create Highly Engaged
Facebook Contact Lists in Multiple Different Ways:

Image 1

Share your unique messenger url ( in social media posts or any online marketing! All prospects have to do is send you a message through Facebook messenger and BOOM! They're on your list!

Image 2

Create a post on Facebook that encourages your friends and followers to message your specified fan page OR comment on any post on your page and when they do BOOM! They're on your list! You can even set Social Responder to INSTANTLY send ANY customized message to the person's Facebook INBOX when they comment on any of your posts!

Image 3

Using Social Responder, put a few simple lines of code on ANY website of your choice to have visitors click 1 button to engage with your bot and BOOM! They're on your list!


Once a person is added to your Social Responder contact can instantly & easily communicate and engage with them as often as you like RIGHT TO THEIR FACEBOOK INBOX!

Automate Fan Page & Customer Support to Increase Your Page's Reputation & Win The "Hearts" Of Your Fans Like Never Before!

How much easier would your life be if you never had to personally respond to another message from your Fan page again? Furthermore, how much more would your customers know, like and trust you if you were able to INSTANTLY get them to help and support they needed without appearing too "impersonal"?

With Social Responder you can set up an unlimited number of automated replies to help and support your customers and fans in whatever areas your desire!

Why Social Responder?


Build a List of Highly Engaged Facebook Users!

Reach your customers & prospects where they are always going to see your message! The Facebook INBOX!


Automate Your Online Sales!

Sell ANY product or service 100% automated utilizing the power of the Social Responder technology together with the ever popular Facebook messenger platform!


Automate Your Online Facebook Page Support & Increase Your Page's Reputation!

Sell ANY product or service 100% automated utilizing the power of the Social Responder technology together with the ever popular Facebook messenger platform!


Broadcast Messages Straight to Your Customers & Prospects Facebook Inbox!

Forget email marketing! Hit your customers and prospects with your important messages right in their Facebook INBOX!


Customize Unlimited Campaigns & Responses!

Set up, create & customize UNLIMITED campaigns with UNLIMITED keywords! Basically, whatever you can think up for your bot to can do it!


Automatically Reply to Comments on Posts & Send Automated Messages Straight to the Facebook INBOX!

Set Social Responder to read and REPLY to the comments on ANY of your page's posts and automatically send information straight to the commenter's Facebook INBOX!


INSTANT 1 Click Messenger Lead Generator!

Using our proprietary technology, your prospects will click 1 button and INSTANTLY be added to your Social Responder Facebook contact list! Put this button on ANY website of your choice or use it in your email marketing efforts.


Build an EMAIL List Without a Website!

Our software will integrate with all major autoresponders allowing you to capture your customers & prospects EMAIL ADDRESS right within the Facebook messenger platform and have it sent to YOUR chosen autoresponder system!


Text, Photo, Audio & Video Replies!

Set up any number of automated replies in all media formats! Text, photos, audio and yes...even VIDEO replies!


Full Stats & Tracking on All of Your Broadcast Campaigns!

Always see at a glance how many messages were sent and how many were actually READ. This way you can see how your broadcasts are performing and be able to tweak your message to optimize your results.

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Mark Our Words...

Facebook Messenger Will Make
Websites A Thing Of The Past!

The release and creation of Facebook messenger bot technology is creating the BIGGEST TECHNOLOGY SHIFT the world has EVER SEEN!

With the ability to now deliver INSTANT information to people on a platform that they use every day, all day will be no surprise to us when websites become a thing of the past!

The Question You Have To Answer Is...

Are you going to tap in to this incredible
marketing power now at your fingertips or let it pass you by?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any software to install?

Nope! This is a cloud-based software that you will be given immediate access to once you make your purchase today. You simply login to our super user friendly members area, follow our simple instructions and let those bots fly!

Is there a per message fee that I have to pay or do I pay more the more contacts I have like most email autoresponder systems?

Absolutely NOT! You will have the ability to send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of contacts and build a contact list as big as you are able!

How do I get people to message my bot to get them on my list?

Simple! All you are going to do is replace or add to your existing methods of building your email list that you're using right now! But instead of building an email list, you're now building a targeted, highly engaged FACEBOOK USERS contact list! You simply invite others to message your specified Fan page and BOOM they're on your list! Easy huh?

Is this software approved by Facebook and Facebook TOS Compliant?

Yes! Our technology and software has been approved for use by Facebook. Social Responder is also 100% Facebook TOS compliant. We are not however affiliated with Facebook in anyway nor does Facebook endorse this software.

Any Other Questions?

Feel free to message us on Facebook and not only will you get your questions answered, but you will see the software in action!