Our platform is designed to help people and provide a premium service, but sometime you can't please everyone - in that case please read the following:

Beware associated payments with socialresponder.io, do not in any case offer a Money Back Guarantee. The only exception to this rule; if fore written within Check-Out or Payment Pages, we will allow a such. Please contact support if you need more information or clarification
Reasoning explained; We do not offer these as a pratice of good faithful use of our software. Meaning, if you were to benefit from the use of our products, service or communications. Our company would be at a loss. As SocialResponder is only available via Digital Access, there is nothing to return or ship. Your account is created instantly or within 24 hours.

Monthly Subscriptions:

You may cancel at any time after the initial THIRTY (30) Days has passed. Your monthly subscriptions is processed via a secure connection to our merchant partners, we offer a unsubscribe link inside our sites, should you wish to discontinue your membership(s). If the monthly subscriptions is based on equal payments, billings or discount is given and you cancel. We hold the rights to collect the remaining balance at our discression.

Yearly Subscriptions:

You may cancel at any time, but THIRTY (30) Days prior to the yearly billing cycle. If you request to cancel after the billing has been made, we will not refund the payment, as per our refund policy.

All returned e-checks (via paypal) will be charged a $75 CND return check fee, this includes but is not limited to Bank Wires, Bank tranfers and/or eMail Transfers. 
*Counter checks will not be accepted. 
*We hold checks for 10 days if customer is from Canada, outside Canada standard is 20 days by law. Contacting Us for more information via Support.

Charge-Back Policy

We hold a strict Charge-Bank policy; as this is seen as an act of fraud against our company and/or partners. In the event a charge-back is place on any payment made to our company, we will launch an investigation into the matter. If we find that the payment was completed within our knowledge by the actual cardholder and that person accessed our site with respects to their purchase, we will forward the information to the Credit Card Company. In the event the credit card finds in the customers favour - we will forward any and all information to a Collection Agent; which can and will affect your credit. 
Charge-backs cost us money; from $15 - $100 per transaction - this will be forwarded on to the collection agent, plus any and all legel fee(s) we encur. 
Spoken plainly, if your payment is returned to us as a Charge-Back, we will and have the rights; place your account with our collection agents. Your account will also be closed immediately.

Request sent to us

In the event a customer sends us a request for refund, we will look at the request. We make no guarantee that your request will be granted, but we will at all accounts and measures.

Please be advised, we hold strongly to these conditions, all situations will be considered - but ultimately here is how it will going down!

We hold the right to place all outstanding accounts into collections, which will be carried out by our collection agent in your country of purchase.